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Vacuum Assisted Infusion
Vacuum Assisted Infusion
We have nearly completely eliminated hand lamination at MULASAN to create products which:
- are of a superior quality
- have a near zero emission of VOC's during production
- create a much cleaner workshop environment

Resin Transfer molding
Products which require perfect inner and outer surfaces are produced by means of Resin Transfer Molding and RTM Light.

Marine Products
We have produced many different designs from 2.80m catamarans, Formula 3 racing and power cats, pleasure boats and yachts up to 17m as well as special designs such as hydroplanes. All products are produces in Vacuum assisted Infusion.
More and more parts of motor cars and buses are produced in infusion and RTM. Main reasons for this are:
- weight reduction
- rapid prototyping
- ability to produce parts with complex surfaces